Retained Search & Executive Recruitment

What makes 808 Talent unique when it comes to partnering with a recruitment consultancy?

In a world of technology and digital transparency, it can be tempting to rely on advertising and social media to find your next hire.

Our clients come to us because they want to hire the best candidate in the market, not just the best available candidate.

Research shows that 76% of decision makers report challenges in attracting passive candidates because they have grown wary and fatigued from LinkedIn contacts.

That’s why 93% of the candidates we place come via headhunting, referrals, or our existing network, not advertising.

96% of our business is repeat or recommended.

We only work in the broadcast and sports media technology space, and even more niche than that, five key areas. Being niche means that we know our market really well, and are expertly placed to identify those who are outperforming their peers. We’re also able to advise our clients in another capacity such as new market entry consulting.

Video Delivery & Distribution

Cloud-Based Services

Broadcast Workflows

AR/VR. Graphics. VFX

Elite Sports Technology

How It Works With Retained Search

Designing a successful Retained Search campaign is a combination of art, science, and business, with many moving parts.  Identifying and headhunting the “right” talent is the start, but the success of a campaign lies in the management of the whole recruitment process: from understanding people’s motivations, knowing when to act quickly or when to move more slowly, and being transparent when managing expectations.  

Phase one: Attract

Designing a compelling brief goes further than the job description and person specification. We want to get inside the mind of your company. Culture, vision, values, even the challenges. We don’t sugarcoat. In fact, transparency is what makes you more attractive.

Phase two: Engage

The interview stage. Each candidate on our longlist has at least two rounds with us, and once you’re happy with the shortlist, we suggest three rounds with you. Our shortlist is typically 3-5 candidates. We consult with you at every stage, and by this point you’ll know who you want on board.

Phase three: Hire

Crafting an attractive offer. The stage where momentum is key, and done well can differentiate you from the competition. Given we’re dealing with high performers, sometimes there’s a counteroffer to contend with, but thankfully we’re used to preparing our candidates for this in advance.

Humans, not resources. 

The way we see it, there are two types of customers – our candidates and our clients – and we consistently place both at the heart of our business model.

The landscape of the workplace since 2020 has changed, with remote working being the new normal, the importance of employee experience (EX) has never been greater.

At 808 Talent, we fully understand the key role we play in that process, from curating the many touchpoints a candidate has throughout the recruitment process to how that shapes the experience and perception they have of you, your colleagues, and your company.

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